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Posted on
15 May 2014

Antique Nickel Finish

Memory Lane has long specialised in light fittings in an Antique Nickel finish but until they have seen it many people are confused about what Antique Nickel looks like. Basically Nickel is silver finish similar to chrome but whilst Chrome is a blue base, Nickel is a pink base and therefore somewhat warmer to look at. For many years Polished nickel has been available on light fittings in England and America and in recent years it has begun to be available in Australia. Chrome and satin chrome have been used on light fittings for many years but the Antique Nickel finish is only used by a smal number of suppliers in Australia. Most quality fittings are made from solid brass, to then do an Antique Nickel finish, the brass needs to be nickel plated but instead of doing a polished nickel finish the brass is plated with a special process to produce a dull nickel finish. This dull nickel finish then needs to be polished to produce a lovely Antque Nickel lustre to the fitting. The fitting then needs to be re assembled and wired before being ready for sale. To see the Antique Nickel finish in the flesh visit Memory Lane of Ascot Vale Melbourne