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Posted on
15 May 2014

Antique Bronze

What is an Antique Bronze finish? Antique Bronze is a dark, almost black finish on brass. Most people would have seen the effect of weather on brass. A polished Brass item left outside for any length of time will change with little "black" dots appearing under the lacquer. This happens because for polished brass to remain that way it needs a lacquer to isolate the brass from the moisture in the atmosphere. Unfortunately ultra violet light is quite nasty on lacquer and the lacquer starts to breakdown after a length of exposure, even when the item is under cover, as heat, cold and reflected ultra violent light will cause the breakdown of the lacquer. It is only a pinprick hole to begin with and once exposed to moisture the brass begins to oxidise and so turns black. If brass is exposed to the atmospere without lacquer, the brass will mellow to an antique brass colour. With an extended period of time and the the right conditions that brass will darken further to be almost black similar to a bronze statue. With a special process we are able to speed up that process to produce a bronze finish on the brass. This Antique Bronze finish acts as a protective coating on the brass so it does not need a lacquer to protect it. This Antique Bronze finish is popular in modern decorating with the Antique Bronze contrasting nicely with white painted walls. Pop into Memory Lane of Ascot Vale Melbourne to see the Antique Bronze finish up close.